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What is Closing?

What is Closing?
That’s a great question.

Many people confuse Closing with a Sale, the situation where somebody actually buys what you’ve been pushing.

Is that the right interpretation? Well, you could argue that when you have sold something to someone, and they buy, you’ve closed them. While that is true, it’s not what Closing itself actually is.

Closing is in fact the opposite of selling.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You go to a store, somebody comes up to ‘help’ you. More often than not, you tell them you are ‘just browsing’ as you don’t want the pressure of them following you around, trying to excitedly push all sorts of things on you. Or, you receive a cold call on your phone, and someone who sounds somewhat bored tries to tell you why their service or product has whatever features and why that’s better than anything else…

You’re not interested, right?
Sales people..!

What if I told you that a Closer is very different? A Closer doesn’t push loads of benefits they don’t even believe in on you. They are not worried about making a sale. A Closer isn’t actually interested in ‘selling’ anything. They simply want to talk, find out what your needs are, and help you.

Wait, what?

A true Closer can use their Closing skills and mindset to help you make good decisions in all sorts of ways. They will talk to you, find out what your fears are, what your dreams are, what’s holding you back? They’ll help you by digging through your own BS so you can face your own truth about what you need to do.

Suppose that meant you needed to buy a transformational coaching program, to take you further in your life’s journey? Great!
What if it was to get you to pull up some courage to fight an illness you have, or to help you face and overcome your drinking problem?

How would you feel about that?
(Before you ask, yes, these things have happened in reality!).

A Closer exists to simply steer you to becoming the best version of yourself, no matter what that may involve, to make you realise your own dreams.