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Increase Your Wealth with

Dominic “The Dom” Osborne

By adding a High-Ticket Enrolment Specialist to your Team

Through Revenue-Generating Corporate Training delivered by Darren Jacklin

By Helping Families and Multiplying Your Money with PhilanthroInvesting

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That’s just a tip to say thanks for always being so generous. You go beyond your duty and I truly appreciate it and you.

Christina Thomas-ForbesPersonal Coach

I unreservedly endorse this talented man. Dominic has proven on many projects with us, to be totally reliable and utterly trustworthy.

Neil HillmanThe Audio Suite

Dom offers a very honest, friendly and personable approach to business, and always gets the job done on time.

Ian HughesLHM

Dominic has provided peerless service. A great person to speak to and always willing to help, I couldn’t recommend Dominic highly enough.

Keith Bloomfield

Christina also told me about all the extra work you did that she did not mention. We really love how you take the time to go above and beyond the call of duty. We are both looking forward to having you on our team going into the future.

Kadrian ThomasCoach

Dominic is a motivated and open-minded entrepreneur that I have rarely come across. He always thinks of providing others with huge value and support. Any company and associate will learn a lot and receive great value from working Dominic.

Danny Tang

Want to know about…

High-Ticket Closing?

Would you like to Double or Triple Your Sales Closing Ratios Without Ever Personally Doing the Selling?

If you have a high-ticket product, service, or coaching program, delivering genuine transformative significance to customers, valued at $5,000 or higher, but struggle to find time to try and close prospects, or feel trapped by having to spend time on the phone when you could actually be busy transforming someone’s life, then it sounds like you need a professional Closer to talk to your warm leads on the phone.

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Want to Learn...

How Darren Jacklin could grow your business?

Darren Jacklin is possibly the top of around only 20 such corporate trainers in North America.

He has trained over 1 million people across 5 continents on the planet.

Totally results-driven, his goal is to fix your business problems, help you make deals or mergers/acquisitions, train your staff, and leave you with a real, practical, actionable plan on how to achieve your goals. You will make or save far more money than you will ever pay him.

When he is not working on his own businesses, working on million and billion dollar deals, making investments, and philanthropy, he is looking to help, to serve, and to level up other people and businesses around the World.

Spend a few focussed hours or days with Darren. What could happen to your business?

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Intrigued by Helping Families while Growing Your Assets…

Through PhilanthroInvesting?

Most smart people think ahead for their retirement, and put money aside for that time. Other people save money for other things in other ways.

But even when you think you are being smart, with money saved aside for low digit or even less than 1% interest in a normal bank savings account, there is something much greater that you can do.

  • If helping and caring for other people on the planet is important to you, there is a rewarding way to make an impact.
  • If you want to get double-digit % returns on your ‘savings’, and the ability to possibly double the value of your money in 6-7 years, then there is a better way to put money aside.
  • If you would like to have a passive, 100% hands-free monthly income, then there is a simple way to do this.
  • If creating generational wealth for your family, children, and grandchildren would remove worry about the future, then this can be created.

It’s called PhilanthroInvesting, and it’s unlike anything you have seen before. Help families and be rewarded.

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Here’s What You Need to Do Next:

If Closing, Corporatate Training, or PhilanthroInvesting are something you would like to talk to me personally about, to get you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

Book a call with me, by checking my private and personal calendar.

Here’s What Will Happen Next:

On the call, we will discuss you and your business or interests, so I can get to know where you are at, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and how I could help you.

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