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I am, in fact, still alive! - Dom Osborne Alive2024 - Dominic "The Dom" Osborne

Unbelievably, it’s about 3 years since I updated this here site.

And I have to say, whoops – that wasn’t my intention. I am still alive, however!

These past few years have really flown by.
Work tasks took me along a time-demanding path for projects that should help UK society in some small way, while building and growing business(es).

There were family things too that consumed time and energy – close family members passing away, and therefore the support we (my wife and I) had to provide to others for months to years afterwards. You do what you have to, right?

Yes, there is certainly a collection of a greater number of silver hairs on the top of my head and on my face. Perhaps too soon for my liking – but nature will always prevail!

With that briefly mentioned, I’ll get back to posting some updates here and start to reshape this site.

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