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Dominic Osborne

From Media, Graphics, Award-winning Videos and Animations, Websites, to Entrepreneurship.

Dom’s Desire: Empowering Success and Creating Impact

While Dom has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, his initial dream was quite different, aiming to work at an animation studio in the USA. Since diving into digital graphics at the tender age of 14 in 1994, Dom transitioned to freelance work in 2003 and subsequently played integral roles in three media-based businesses starting in 2004.

The year 2010 marked a significant shift in his career; despite his continued involvement in video post-production and 3D animation, the demand for website development started to rise. This led him to build websites for clients, initially in the UK and later on a global scale, while also growing to tackling business challenges through online systems, automations, and more sophisticated websites.

Throughout these transitions, Dom discovered his passion lies in contributing to client success—helping them move from one stage to the next, overcoming obstacles, and reaching new heights. This passion fueled an even stronger entrepreneurial spirit, driving him to seek new opportunities not only for himself but also for those he collaborates with.

His commitment has led to involvement in numerous projects and partnerships with companies and brands worldwide, all of which rely on a deep trust in Dom’s professionalism, genuine care, and mutual desire for success. Nowadays, the projects Dom engages in aim to generate profit for the businesses involved and make a meaningful impact on the end users and consumers, while also contributing to his personal wealth.

Dom’s ongoing ambition is to create a positive impact in the lives of those he works with and even those he has never met, remaining energised by this purposeful goal.

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Dominic Osborne - 3D animation
Dominic "The Dom" Osborne - High Ticket Closer
Then to Now.

Passionate About Delivering

One thing that hasn't changed since 2003, is Dom's absolute dedication to delivering - from media projects seen around the World, and now to building empires.

The Current Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Current Companies and Brands

Empire Revolution

Working with clients who value their business and the potential of their goals, to create high-end custom websites, webapps and bespoke web software solutions; facilitating simplification, automation and scale.

Empire Base

The step-up evolution from Brace Hosting – web hosting client websites in UK, North America and Australia, with a focus on WordPress websites. Providing speed, global video streaming, business growth packages, and artificial intelligence packages.

Brace Media

The evolution in 2010 from Eight Eyed Sea Bass, working on projects for local, national and international clients; covering video post-production, 3D animation, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, disc replication, USB sticks, graphic design and website builds and SEO.


BuckDaddy Express specialises in delivering comprehensive merchant solutions and payment processing, ensuring that merchants can devote their attention to what truly matters—their business.

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Expertly crafting web and mobile systems, including HR and payroll solutions, CRM, APIs, and immersive technologies like streaming, 3D tours, and AR. Customisable SaaS suites elevate business infrastructure and processes.



MenoBliss is a 100% natural supplement designed to massively reduce the symptoms of menopause for women – able to work in conjunction with or replacement of HRT treatments.


AnxyAid is a 100% natural supplement carefully crafted to reduce feelings related to anxiety, and improve quality of sleep.

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A UK network of clinic that provide wart removal services and more – quick, private treatments to get rid of those little nasties.

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Providing access to private, at-home blood testing – from delivery of blood-taking kits, free-postage, lab testing, blood results delivered privately online (with optional timeline to see changes), with Nurse/Doctor feedback on results.

Past Companies and Brands

About Dom - svg+xml;charset=utf - Dominic Osborne - Entrepreneur

The original web hosting solution – a natural side offshoot from Brace Media for clients’ websites. Offering shared hosting in UK and USA and VPS hosting around the world, this grew through word-of-mouth, especially during Covid lockdowns. Always with a passion for high-quality service and hosting speed.

Gymrat Heros

An early attempt to create an online magazine for gym goers (weight lifters and martial artists alike), including monthly members-only content, mostly video streaming pieces. Featured interviews included multiple World BJJ Champion Braulio Estima, and now-UFC-referee Marc Goddard. Ultimately it was ahead of its time and didn’t generate enough traction.

Eight Eyed Sea Bass

Where it all began in 2004 – after 10 months of freelance creative work – with a partner from university days. An exciting creative media business in Birmingham, UK. A mix of local, national and international client projects over the years, through early HD video editing, video post-production, 3D animation, DVD authoring, CD and DVD replication, and some graphic design. The only facility in the West Midlands to be approved and licensed by Dolby Laboratories for Dolby Digital encoding for DVDs – allowing legal use of their logos on discs we authored.