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MenoBliss - menopause relief - web project and more

Imagine a world where the menopausal transition is as blissful as a cuppa with the Queen (RIP)—absolutely no volcanic hot flashes, mood roller coasters, or counting sheep till dawn. Enter the ambitious inception of MenoBliss, the all-natural supplement that’s ready to bloom brighter than the Chelsea Flower Show in full spring splendour.

Crafted by the illustrious Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD, MenoBliss isn’t just a product; it’s a beacon of hope for women braving the tempest of menopause. Dr. Hussey, with knowledge more packed than a London tube at rush hour, has concocted a formula that makes synthetic remedies look like sticking plasters on a broken leg.

Not being a woman myself (in case you weren’t sure!), I’m as familiar with menopause as a camel is with snowboarding. But I do know a cracking opportunity when I see one, and MenoBliss had my name written all over it. It’s the kind of project that leaves a mark on the world, like a Banksy masterpiece on a Bristol wall.

The Behind-The-Scenes Magic:
From Concept to Clickable Cart

Branding the Brainchild

My journey with MenoBliss kicked off with crafting the product’s first impression—the label. Picture the little black dress of product labels: timeless, elegant, and makes you want to know more. Sourcing and managing the print company naturally came off the back of handling print projects and printed media over the years.

Building the Digital Fortress

Next up, constructing the MenoBliss online empire. Imagine building a digital Fort Knox, but instead of gold, it’s filled with hope for menopausal relief. I created a WordPress website as inviting as a lavender-scented spa day in the rolling hills of Surrey, but with the e-commerce prowess to handle the traffic of a Boxing Day sale.

Sure, there were times I needed to call in the cavalry—a coding wizard here, a layout ninja there. Each tweak and adjustment was a step closer to the holy grail of user experience. And when the website went live at the tail-end of July 2023, I knew we weren’t just launching a site; we were launching dreams.

The Engine Room

What’s a fancy front without a robust engine room? I kitted out the back end with all the bells and whistles: a support ticket system, CRM, and a review collection system that flaunts our customer satisfaction on the website like a peacock in mating season. I plunged headfirst into the mighty realm of AWS, harnessing its colossal power for email delivery so swift, it leaves the Royal Mail in the dust!

I’ve gently nestled in a system for observing the flow of our visitors, tracing their journey to discover where they originate and how they navigate our little corner of the internet. Currently, I also manage the site webhosting and CDN for best loading speeds, through the web hosting arm that I run.

Content Is King, and I Delivered a Royal Feast

As the dust settled on the construction phase, I checked what the nurses had been talking about and creating videos of, and churned out blog posts like a baker on a Sunday morning. Each article was a delicious morsel of knowledge, approved by our medical maestros and delivered straight to our subscribers’ inboxes.

The Future Is Bright and Automated

Yet, the story doesn’t end there! To take it further, I’m looking to add further automations for handling messaging contacts in more ways. And, I’m currently sculpting an AI chatbot that promises to be the most charming digital assistant since J.A.R.V.I.S. graced Tony Stark’s lab. This little genius will soon tackle customer queries and boost sales with the finesse of a seasoned salesperson.

A Deal More Gratifying Than a Sunday Roast at Nan’s

Let’s talk turkey—my involvement in MenoBliss isn’t just for the warm fuzzies. I’ve secured a slice of the profit pie, which, in my humble opinion, is well-deserved for the gallons of sweat equity poured into this venture over 12 months. When working on large projects, I strongly recommend that you work hard to ensure you can earn what you deserve. I knew I wouldn’t be paid for all the hours I would put in to the project, so you need to think bigger and make these sorts of agreements. If you are on the cusp on undertaking a similar sized project, be sure to consider your options for recompense.

A Reflection of Pride and Possibility

As I stand back and admire the fruits of our labour, I’m brimming with pride. MenoBliss is more than a supplement; it’s a revolution in women’s health. And as we march into the future, I’m buzzing with anticipation for the waves of relief we’ll bring to women across the globe.

So here’s to MenoBliss—the project that’s not just changing lives, but redefining an era for women everywhere. Cheers to charting territories where no man (or woman) has gone before, in the name of menopausal serenity! 🥂

Check out the MenoBliss revolution and if you happen to be a menopausal female, then join the blissful bandwagon at

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