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Access the team I use, to regain your time and remove the pain of spending the hours on effort getting yourself 'out there' when you should focussing on more important things, like Your Business.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimising your page content, tag details, links within and from outside of your website all have an effect on your search engine visibility. But SEO’s a highly time-consuming set of activities, and not worth wasting your energy with especially if you don’t do it correctly. Let the experts take the strain for you.

In the ever changing landscape of SEO, it can be hard to keep up. From on-page and off-page, to pandas and penguins, the team’s SEO experts will keep your search game on point.

SEO Starter Kit

Great search engine rankings are helped a ton by great website setup.

This SEO starter kit will provide you with an audit and roadmap to boost your site’s rankings. The team look at the key technical factors on your website and provide actionable steps to optimize them for improved rankings. Two pages are included in this service – pick your home page and one other one. The team will also get on a consultation call so you can be confident in your SEO game moving forward!

What you can expect:
  • SEO Best Practices Guideline
  • Full SEO Audit for 2 pages on your site (homepage + 1 other one)
  • Audit: Performance – page speed, page size, code optimization
  • Audit: User Interface and Mobile – rendering, responsive, mobile-friendly tech
  • Audit: Social – detectable social activity connected to website
  • Audit: Security – basic review
  • Recommendations for any issues detected in the audit
  • Custom analysis from your SEO expert, provided in detail
  • 15 minute consultation call to go over audit, recommendations and SEO guidelines (if compatible with EST/CT)

Complete Local SEO

Although the ranking factors are always a shifting target, the main ones are pretty steady. According to Moz Local Search Ranking Factors 2017, the top 5 are Google My Business signals, Backlinks, On-Page SEO (including NAP), Citations, and Reviews. This service tackles all of them. The team can’t guarantee rankings, but this should put you on the map…literally.

What you can expect:
  • Desktop and mobile rank tracking for up to 5 keywords
  • Track the ranks of up to 4 competitors as well
  • Weekly ranking reporting
  • Full citation audit report included — find out how you’re doing and what needs fixing
  • 10 citations manually repaired or built per month
  • Reviews across the web aggregated and reported where your customers review you
  • Google My Business report — see how your GMB page looks, and see your top 10 competitor’s stats (citations, ranks, reviews, domain metrics) for each keyword you choose
  • Full Local Search Audit report — see how you’re doing compared to competitors and learn what you can do to improve on- and off-page
  • All of these available as weekly reports, pick and choose which ones to receive
  • Last but not least, we’ll build links to your site as well — either tiered linkwheels to broaden your backlink profile or DA20+ niche guest post links to amp up your ranks.

Complete SEO

If you want total done-for-you white-hat SEO, this is your gig.

The expert SEO team uses the techniques that work to boost your organic search rankings. It starts with keyword research, making sure you’re going after the right search terms. Then, the team will perform a thorough on-page audit of our site, including recommendations for how to correctly work those keywords into your page. After that the professional web team will implement those changes on your site for you. Finally we build links to your website to improve authority and ranking.

What you can expect:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Total SEO for up to 10 pages
  • Full keyword research – will find up to 50 great keywords for your site (week 1)
  • Thorough, 50 page technical audit with recommendations (week 1)
  • Content improvement roadmap – what you need to do to improve performance/rankings (week 2)
  • On-page SEO recommendations – what changes need to be made to pages to improve rankings (week 2)
  • On-page SEO implementation – after approval, we’ll make those changes for you (week 3)
  • White-hat link building – guest post placements, citations, outreach – we aim for links that will boost rankings (week 4)